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Maple Leafs

See Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf or Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf.

Mint (adj.)

Mint condition signifies an uncirculated product which is in brilliant condition.

Mint (n.)

Refers to a refiner; in most cases one which manufactures the currency of a country. Additionally, it may produce bullion items and collectible coins.


Kitco's MintFirst™ line provides specific year products shipped directly from the Mint to Kitco. MintFirst™ items have not been previously owned by any other individual or business.


The world's first and only proven solution for reducing white spots on silver bullion coins — a proprietary advancement developed by the innovative minds at the Royal Canadian Mint and applied to every Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin dated 2018 or later.

Money Order

Order for the payment of a specified amount of money, usually issued and payable at a bank or post office.

Monster Box

Mint-issued box used to store bulk quantities of coins or bars. Their sturdy construction ensures secure transportation of your bullion. Kitco offers monster boxes for several silver bullion items: Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, Australian Kangaroo and 10 oz Royal Canadian Mint bars.