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An industrial location where metals are refined.


Symbol 'Rh'. A shiny gray precious metal, part of the platinum group metals, its extreme hardness and high melting point make it very difficult to fashion. Although its uses are widespread, the investment market for this metal is quite small. Its production is limited to two main players, which increases its volatility dramatically.


These circular pieces are manufactured by a refiner or mint, but unlike coins, are not attributed a face value. The elements usually present on these pieces are the refiner/mint stamp, weight, purity, metal, and sometimes the year.

Royal Canadian Mint

Located in Ottawa, Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) operates one of the most technically advanced and respected gold and silver refineries in the world. Unlike other government bullion mints, the RCM produces many varied sized bars aside for its regular mintage of coins. The RCM operates on the cutting edge of anti-counterfeit bullion coin and bar technologies. As of 2014, the RCM uses micro-radial stamping in their gold, platinum, palladium and even silver coins, making them very difficult to counterfeit.